Things Women Want from a Man—Physically Speaking

f I’m scrubbing down at yours, stack new towels. Thick and white and cushioned. More than I’ll require. A toothbrush. Conditioner. You realize that magnificent luck when you slide into a companion’s storm cellar to watch a diversion and he has the scene set—hot wings, chilly lager inside arm’s achieve, a video comfort set up for half-time? That is the means by which I need to feel in your lavatory. Body scour. New razor. Good lord, a loofah!

Kiss me for longer than you can deal with, notwithstanding when you realize that more is en route. Surprised, and seat the tongue. Earnest yet not urgent. Your arms are tight around my back and my abdomen, and they remain there.

Try not to shave for three days, and after that…

Kiss my neck.

Possess a scent reminiscent of something constantly. Pick a little world and conjure it. Maine, a backwoods. The wet end of August. It’s warm and moist, you’re felling trees in a wool shirt. Greenery and sweat and hard-won timber. Attempt Kiehl’s Original Musk Blend No. 1 so I can wear it when you’re nowhere to be found.

Presently kiss my neck once more.

Hold me like nothing can crawl between us, however so I can separate on the off chance that I need to. The key is in the hold—enveloping yet not savage. One arm around my abdomen and alternate over my shoulders.

Hands are a Goldilocks difficulty. They shouldn’t be as delicate as mine, however they shouldn’t get skin, either. On the off chance that they’re clam shucking unpleasant, utilize a drugstore moisturizer. In the event that they’re too delicate, form me a work area from crude wood.

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